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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Cement mortar calculation in brick masonry


Cement mortar calculation in brick masonry


Considering a wall 1½ brick thick, 30 cm nominal thickness of length 15 m and height of 5 m.
Ø  Total Nominal Volume = 15m × 0.3m (30 cm) × 5m = 22.5 cum.
Normally for brickwork, mortar joint will be less than 1 cm (1 m), taking 1 cm mortar joint, the thickness of the wall will be 29 cm.
Ø  Hence, the Actual Volume = 15m × 0.29m (29 cm) × 5m = 21.75 cum.
The Nominal size of a Standard Brick = 20 cm × 10 cm × 10 cm
Ø  Then, the Volume of a Standard Brick of Nominal Size= 0.20m × 0.10m × 0.10m = 0.002 cum.
Ø  Therefore, the Number of Standard Bricks for Actual Volume (21.75 cu m.) –
Cement mortar calculation in brick masonry
Ø  Hence, Number of Brick required per cu m. (Nominal) –
Cement mortar calculation in brick masonry

Ø  Considering 5% breakages, wastage, etc., then Number of Brick required per cu m. = 507 nos, this may be taken as 500 nos. per cum.

v  For 10 cum. Of Brickwork (500x10) 5000 nos Brick are required.


Ø  Mortar requirement for Brickwork –
= (Total Actual Volume of Brickwork – Net Volume of Bricks)
= 21.75 – (10875×0.19×0.09×0.09)
= 21.75 – 16.737
= 5.013 cum.
Ø  15% extra Mortar considering for frog filling, for use of cut bricks, for bonding, for uniform joints, wastage etc., hence, the Total Volume the Mortar –

= Mortar requirement for Brickwork + (Mortar requirement for Brickwork × 15%)
= 5.013 + (5.013×15%)
= 5.765 cum.
Ø  For dry volume increased by ¼ dry volume of Mortar –
= Total Volume the Mortar + (Total Volume the Mortar × ¼)
= 5.765 × (5.765 × ¼)
= 7.206 cum.
For 22.5 cum. of Brickwork, dry volume of mortar = 7.206 cum.
v  For 10 cum of brickwork, Dry Volume of mortar = 7.206 × (10/22.5) = 3.203 cum.
Ø  In practice, for cement mortar 3 cum. dry mortar and lime mortar 3.5 cum of dry mortar are taken for 10 cum. brickwork, an approximate 30% of total brickwork quantity may be taken for dry mortar.

Calculation of Material of Mortar

To calculate the Material for Mortarconsidering proportion of material = 1:6
Ø  For 10 cum. of brick work dry volume of mortar = 3 cum.
Ø  Cement: Sand = 1:6
Ø  Cement + Sand = 1 + 6 = 7
Ø  For Cement –
Cement mortar calculation in brick masonry

Ø  For Sand –

Cement mortar calculation in brick masonry


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